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RT Russian

Новости канала RT на русском языке

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Горбачёв заявил о «большой опасности», грозящей миру

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In Russia, the constant practice of forced child labor.
They will not only collect potatoes for free: https://pora-valit.livejournal.com/4978709.html but also cotton: https://www.facebook.com/ppryanikov/posts/2095606073817774
Potato picking is a resort compared to picking cotton.
Cotton production requires 10% of pesticides and 22.5% of insecticides, of all used in world agriculture. Cotton fields are constantly treated with chemical fertilizers, herbicides, highly toxic defoliants. Hazardous organochlorine compounds, such as DDT, banned in Europe are also used. According to WHO, tens of thousands of people die every year as a result of poisoning with these substances.

In the Russian Federation began what was not after 1953. Scientists were sentenced to imprisonment only for the fact of their communication with employees of foreign universities by e-mail.

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